New Album Coming Home


mister Blake's latest album is officially out on CD. The new album represents a shift in a new direction for mister Blake. Five of the nine songs are original compositions.The title track "Coming Home" and accompanying video have been getting great reviews. Other standout songs include "The Promise" originally made famous by When in Rome, and mister Blake's version of Erasure's "A Little Respect" is getting a lot of respect from listeners. By popular demand there is a 2015 remake of the mister Blake classic "Christmas in a Changin' World" and a 21st anniversary reprise of the novelty song "OJ Rap". Rounding out this solid collection of catchy pop hits are a live version of  Paul Anka's "Jubilation" and the pop classic "Poetry in Motion". Check out all the songs on Jango Radio, or go the music page and purchase you own copy for the special price of just $10.00

Just Released:
mister Blake's new album "Coming Home"



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The latest album 'Coming Home'  was released November 2015. The video of the title track is on youtube. Check it out! Great song!


There's more! misterBlake just released a new, polished video of the 2014 remake of his hit I Only Want to Be With You.  Check it out here: